04 March 2013

Activity and Accomplishment

Today I had both...

so anyway, I used up another of my 2012 carry-over vacation days today and took care of my CPL business with the County.  You'll remember, the last time I made the attempt, things did not go as planned.

To be honest, I expected a cold welcome at the County Clerk's office in the Peoples' Republik of AnnArbor.  I was pleasantly surprised with how the clerkette handled the transaction; she was professional and actually pleasant about the matter at hand.  Ten minutes and $105 later, I was on my way.

A note on my time spent at the County Clerk's office: the guy in front of my was applying for a concealed carry permit.  The guy behind me was, too. Read on.

So, I was then off to the Washtenaw County Sheriff Department, to be finger-printed like a common criminal.  I was fifth in line.  Of the four in front of me, three were there to be finger-printed (like a common criminal) for a Concealed Pistol Licence.  The other one was there to pay off an eight-year old traffic citation (guess who took the most time?).

I washed my hands as instructed and took a seat.  Shortly, I was beckoned into the finger-printing room, where the Deputy took my finger-prints.  Making small talk with the fetching Deputy, I asked her how often she was taking finger-prints for prospective CPL applicants.  She said "From when I get here in the morning, to when I go home at night, I'm finger-printing CPL applicants."

In making more small talk with the Deputy, I said something to the effect of "....I've been meaning to get my CPL for years....." to which she replied "well it's good to see you've decided to stop slacking off".

more soon



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