19 April 2013

Suspect #2 (Updated)

is in custody...

so anyway, I had to break away from the coverage around the time they were trying to toss a flash-bang grenade into the boat, and I just sat back down, so I missed all the excitement.  I also (thankfully) missed TFG's press conference.

My first thought was "Dammit, you don't handcuff a dead man".
My second thought was "Wow, their cell-phone camera is worse than mine."

He was taken alive.  The MFM has already begun the "Trayvon" treatment, all afternoon I saw pictures of him as a fresh-faced angelic 12 year old.  Things will get interesting from here.

There's more to say, but I need to do some research first.

more soon


Had I been thinking, or...what's the technical term? Sober? when I first posted this, I would have included this:

BTW, Pro Tip: "" is NOT valid HTML code.  I damn near broke the inter-web net-tubes.  I need a back-lit keyboard...

more soon


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