08 October 2013

On this day...

an anniversary, of sorts

so anyway, twenty-one years ago today (tonight, actually, as I started on the afternoon shift) I began my "career" in The Stoopid Business™.

Over the past twenty-one years, I've had the following job titles:

Machine Operator
Quality Auditor
Service Accounts Supervisor
Cost Estimator
Applications Engineer
Cost Estimator
Project Engineer
Senior Product Engineer
Project Engineer
Senior Cost Estimator
Contract Cost Estimator
Total Quality and Cost Management Technologist
Contract Pricing Analyst
Financial Analyst
Cost Estimator.

The current job is the best of the bunch, despite the fact that I'm working for 80% of market value.  These days, you don't jeopardize the job you have for one that might pay you more.  The astute reader will note the five periods of unemployment.  It's the norm for The Stoopid Business™ these days.

I mowed a lot of lawns and did a lot of house painting during those times of (professional) unemployment.

more soon

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