02 October 2004

Dis-jointed things

OK, so I've been busy. Casa de Heywood went into lock-down mode on Wednesday afternoon and the "all clear" was just issued a couple of hours ago. It's a long story.....
I didn't watch the debate on Thursday night. Besides having no interest in it, I was just too busy to actually sit down for two hours. From what I've gleaned from the blogsphere, kerry "won" because he is taller. Whatever. That's not what brings me to the blogging table tonight.
I have opined on the "Vote for Change" concert series in the past on multiple occasions, please allow me to add some personal observations on the subject.
My in-laws, to whom I'd give each a kidney without hesitation, are tonight at the Dixie Chicks' anti-GWB concert in Cleveland. They are going to attend the Springsteen anti-GWB show in Detroit (Rock City). They bought the tickets the day the shows were announced. A few days later, Mom asked me if I had any Springsteen in my collection, as they were not really familiar with Bruce's work (as in hadn't ever heard anything that Springsteen had ever done). I gladly coughed up a cassette of "Born to Run", a CD of "Born in the USA" and an 8-track (dude, WTF?) of "Darkness on the Edge of Town". They subsequently picked up a greatest hits CD and went about studying the Boss's material.
They are both in their middle 60's. I can understand them going to see the Dixie Chicks, as Dad is a nationally recognized authority on bluegrass music (and appearantly the Chicks loosely fall under that catagory). The Springsteen show just blows me away. My odds on bet is that they don't actually attend the show, and are satisfied with the "contribution" of buying a ticket. I'll keep you posted, their observations should be muy interesting.
I've long given up the notion that my family does things (politically) to spite me. As I have written before, I leave my politics at the door when dealing with family. Every time I have to bite my tounge, I think of Mary Matlin and James Carvell (two political minds that I greatly and equally admire), and I ask myself WTF is it like around their dinner table? Surely I can STFU and enjoy the peace.....


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