30 September 2005

Change is in the air

yeah, I've been thinkin' again

Before I forget, go read Stephan Green's (of VodkaPundit fame) essay from a year ago. It's very good, as per his usual.
The job search continues; a few nibbles here and there, nothing solid yet. But I gots a feeling about next week.....
We celebrated a milestone this week: 2000 hits to the blog since my blog-partner-in-exile added the hit counter. To you fine people who are visiting SupplySidePolitics regularly, Thank You Very Much (you can say "You're welcome" in the comments)
You should thank Blogger for losing my post the other night. I was in full Bicth & Moan mode and pissed all over a lot of people who did not (really) deserve it. Now that I've got that out of my system, I can start about making the improvements that are much needed.
And the changes are a'comin'


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