04 October 2005

Contractual Obligation Post, part the 4th

Or fifth. Or third. I lose track of these things.

The President has nominated Harriet Miers to the vacant SCOTUS seat. There's great wailing and gnashing of teeth all over the blogosphere tonight. My initial thoughts are as follows:

  • Like Chief Justice Roberts, this nomination came from out of the blue. No one (well, practically no one) saw this coming. Par for the course for GWB. Always keep them guessing.
  • A lot of noise is being made over her 1988 campaign donation to algore (fluff) and her alleged support for the creation of an "International Criminal Court" (very troubling).
  • The rest of her "paper trail" is a crap-shoot.It is possible that this is a double-secret set up nomination put forth by the BushRoveCheneyEvilRepubliKKKanHaliburtonHitlerBloodForOil cabal. I mean, look at the democrats falling all over themselves to praise Miers. This could be the ultimate set up, get the left all lined up behind the nomination, then have something about her come out that no one could support (does the Bernie Kerik DHS nominatioin ring a bell?), leaving the left with egg on their faces. Then GWB could nominate the current incarnation of Thomas Jefferson or a clone of Clarence Thomas or me to the SCOTUS.*

Just some random thoughts, I'm just a little consumed with the job search to give it any deeper thought.

Elsewhere, Nipsey Russell died today. Anyone who can spontaneously speak in Suess-ese is of course Number One in my book.** Cancer, he was 80-ish. Via con Dios, Mr.Nipsy. As I type this, I'm rather tipsy.

But seriously, go read Steyn's latest. Amen, Brother. He eloquantly sums up what I've believed for years.

* Reduncancy alert: I am the living incarnation of Thomas Jefferson and a clone of Clarence Thomas


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