17 July 2009

Sounds like a plan

I'm in

so anyway, via Mike of Cold Fury fame we find The Gunslinger's most excellent "We The People" Three Point Plan. A taste:

"We The People" is a non-partisan group of patriots who are extremely concerned by what is happening to our country before our very eyes.

We certainly blame Øbama and the Democrats. But we acknowledge that without the spineless, and often corrupt cooperation of the Career Republican Politicians, a lot of what has already gone wrong would not have happened.

Øbama may be the worst President in history, but he is standing on the shoulders of the avarice, ambition, greed, selfishness and corruption of many generations of grasping, out-of-touch, power-hungry, dirty-dealing, elitest, self-serving CAREER POLITICIANS of both parties. And what they have created, or allowed to be created under their noses has made possible Øbama's rushing freight train to perdition.
Read the whole thing.


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