31 October 2009

The long, steep, slippery slope to Socialism

Constitutional relevance notwithstanding.....

so anyway, back to Susan's most excellent comment from a few days back:

".....the Constitution has been trampled on and ignored for a long, long, time.

Take a look at what
House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) had the honesty to admit, when questioned by Judge Andrew Napolitano recently.

Napolitano's question: “Where in the Constitution is the federal government charged with maintaining people’s health?”

Clyburn’s answer: “There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the federal government has anything to do with most of the stuff we do.”

Did you get that? "WITH MOST OF THE STUFF WE DO". You think this is something new? You think Bush was doing something unprecedented? Ha! It wasn't new with Bush and it isn't new with Obama."
Spot on. This situation has been festering for roughly one hundred years. Smitty, of The Other McCain fame makes the point:
We've a century-long bout of Constitutional illiteracy from which we're awakening. The root of every evil before us can be traced to willfully ignoring the advice of our Founding Fathers. About the only thing the Progressives can note with validity is that we've been steering this course these many decades and administrations. They can claim precedent.
I do not propose that our Country is descending into Socialism because of the election of (MMM MMM MMM) Barack Hussein Obama (MMM MMM MMM). No, our newly minted President is just the latest and most virulent installment of the legacy of FDR / LBJ / Jimmy f'n Carter / William Jefferson (Blythe) Clinton. President Obama is only an accellerant to the process.

We fcuked up: we could have had a Fred Thompson / Sarah Palin ticket that would have stomped the opposition into a bloody puddle. But I digress.....

I do so hope that Smitty is right and that we, as a Nation, are awakening. Anecdotally, I see just the opposite happening: family and friends waiting on the next "government program" to make life just ... "swell" ... It sickens me

we'll have more words on this topic soon


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