14 November 2009

My thoughts exactly

sounds like a good idea to me

so anyway, I completely agree with Falahime over at Dan Collin's Piece of Work in Progress:

Shooting ranges in office buildings......I think it would increase employee productivity and morale. You have a bad evaluation–take your break and go fire off a few magazines. Exhausted and frustrated from with a completely moronic client? Time for a time-out in the shooting range!
He says so, facetiously (mostly), but he's right. Popping some caps can be an incredible stress reliever. I've said so myself:
I guess I'd forgotten the endorphin (sp? or what? I'm not an endocrinologist nor do I play one on TV) "high" you get after a range session, but I'm digging it deep. I've spent the past hour enhancing that feeling with copious quantities of Hoppes #9 Nitro Solvent as I clean the hardware.
Read Falahime's whole (short) post and before you go off on your "Guns are bad, M'Kay?" spiel please remember: An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.

And since you're headed over to POWIP anyway, do go read Enoch's "Friend Evaluation Checklist". Raise a glass, indeed.

more soon


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