10 April 2013

Lunch-time Snark

funny stuff....

so anyway, normally I would not even read a blog post about Geraldo Rivera or Bill O'Rielly, however Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom fame has a post up that makes some very valid points.  Being Goldstein, he mixes a brief analysis of the increasing irrelevance of the MBM* in general and Fox News in specific with  world-class snark:

"To which I say this, to O’Reilly, to Rove, to Geraldo, et al.: you’re over. That you don’t yet know it just speaks to your insulated arrogance.
Honestly, if Bill O’Reilly was on fire I wouldn’t piss on him. Though if there was a Bible about, I might try to put out the flames by thumping him with it. Just because I’d enjoy the irony."
Read the whole thing.

more soon

*Make Believe Media


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