09 April 2013

Odds and Ends

a couple of things that caught my eye today that you should probably know about...

so anyway, some nut-job went all stabbie with a knife at Lone Star Community College in Cypress, Texas this afternoon.  I first saw the news over at Ace of Spades HQ, where Ace quite properly focuses on the "nut-job" aspect and closes with this:

"Obviously there are some political angles to this story. "Assault knives" and such.
The problem, obviously, is "assault people," which is what we used to call psychopaths and murderers before The Burning Times, when all words were replaced by a poll-tested political euphemism."
"Assault people" indeed.

Mike "Cold Fury (actual)" Hendrix took the lateral from Ace and scrubbed it through the libtard filter.  Do go read, it's short and so spot-on it's in-excerptable.

Elsewhere, Consul-at-Arms has some thoughts on our loss of a FSO in Afghanistan:
"We lost another colleague the other day."
Read the whole thing, Serious You Guys*.  Whenever there's news involving the State Department, Consul-at-Arms is the 'go-to" source.

more soon

*the "Serious You Guys" is a recurring meme over at Ace of Spades HQ.  I'm just tryin' to keep up

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