17 January 2005

Bumper Stickers, Part the Last

Some people still don’t get it

So I’m driving home from work tonight, and I get behind some poor mis-guided soul who’s driving 52 mph on the freeway. Only half a mile from my exit, I had no room to pass safely so I fell in behind to ride it out.

Plastered across the back of her decade old Civic was a sad and disturbing collection of stickerage, there were at least twenty displayed. Most were recent, from the campaign / election season just past.

There were, of course, the requisite “Keep your laws off my body” and “A woman’s place is in her Union” stickers; and eight or ten stickers for state and local liberal political candidates. But the most prominently displayed were the Presidential campaign stickers:

· the standard “kerry / edwards” freebie
· “I support our troops therefore I’m voting Democratic”
· “Fire the Liar”
· “Outsource Bush”

You get the drift. Missing was the “Bush = Hitler” sticker, she probably put that one on her SUV.

Therefore I feel obligated to provide this Public Service Announcement

For those who need it, this Public Service Announcement™ is brought to you for the National Endowment for the Advocacy of Getting a Fookin’ Clue:

We won. You lost. It’s over. Move on. Get over it.

Learn to live as we did through the abysmal years of the clintons’ administration. Learn to ride shotgun. Your hands are no longer on the wheel and you are not navigating. You may bitch suggest that we’re on the wrong road and we’re driving too fast or too slow: expect to be ignored. The attention paid to you be inversely proportional to the louder and the more irrational you scream.

A listening ear will only acknowledge the cogent, respectfull, and rational voice.

You want back in? Find (and believe in and promote) a message that resonates with at least 51% of the population and run with it.

Personally, I don’t think the left is capable of playing the role of the “loyal opposition”. And I think that’s just fine.

Keep parading Harry Reid out in front of the cameras. Give Teddy Kennedy all the airtime he can eat. Somebody please pony up and sponsor Al Franken. I can’t wait for the next waste of film by the flatulent fcuktard from near flint michael moore. We should purchase billboards to promote Barbara Striesand’s blog. Let’s hope that Jon Stewart gets the anchor job at CBS. To quote billy jeff blythe clinton: “Oh baby, go baby, go”.


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