12 January 2005

Our Country is Doomed

A few nice words about michael moore (and some ad hominen smackage)

So it looks like michael moore (who until recently had arafat’s beard) has won the People’s Choice award for Best Film of 2004 for his documentary opinion piece blatant pandering campaign ad Fahrenheit 9/11. Yee haw! All the hard working spam-bots at the DU should be congratulated.

Personally, I am not qualified to address what passes for “Best Film” material; the last thing I saw in a theatre was Piglet’s Big Movie, so I’ll recuse myself from commenting on the merits of any award winning film.

However, I will say this about moore’s acceptance speech: he actually sounded cogent and rational. Listening to him (via Matt Drudge’s radio program), he was gracious in his win and did not politicize the moment (President Sheen did that for him).

Ever the opportunist, moore was generous and conciliatory in his remarks. He even mentioned G-d and prayer in his prepared acceptance speech (the horror: doesn’t he know that we have First Amendment Rights to be protected from such abusive faith-based speech?). I say “ever the opportunist” because if you connect the dots, it appears that moore is following hillary’s footsteps and trying to project a more centrist persona. He has recently bathed, shaved, and adorned a tie. Even the esteemed Bill Whittle has commented on moore’s transformation. [If you have a strong stomach, moore will be on AMC’s “Sunday Morning Shoot-Out” on 23 January 2005, check your local listings and all that crap.]

Please note that no animals were harmed in the creation of this post (notwithstanding the animals that were harvested for my lunch), and the following words or concepts were not mentioned or implied in this post about michael moore: flatulent; corpulent; mal-odorousness; man-tits; fcuktard; wanker; bone-head; ashsole; or asshat. Please don’t congratulate me for my restraint, it’s the least that I can do.


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