09 January 2005

Saturday Nonsense, repleat with Linky Goodness

Random thoughts on a Saturday night

We watched the (actual) documentary "Super Size Me" this evening, and found it to be excellent. Very well done, considering their budget. If you haven't seen it, you should. Yes, it's rated R due to some (minor) course language and some (very) graphic medical / surgical images. Morgan Spurlock got screwed at the Oscars in my opinion. Super Size Me was the documentary of the year.

It would have been a nice juxtaposition to see Spurlock's address of the issue(s) of the current War on Terror / 11 September 2001 and michael moore do the whole "eating at McD's for a month" thing (moore's version of Super Size Me could have been called A Typical Month in My Life). Spurlock evidences himself as someone who will "walk the walk" before he "talks the talk".
Speaking of Linky Goodness, go yea therefore and check out WitNit: anyone who thinks that the aforementioned michael moore and Pat Robertson should be locked into a cell together and who can speak intelligently about The Constitution is OK in our book. As a long-standing abuser of proper English, I appreciate WitNit's command of the language. To quote William Safire, "I'll have two Whoppers Junior....."
Remember, the First Drafts of your term papers are due on Friday 14 January 2005. Late papers will not be accepted. thatisall


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