13 January 2005

Boycott This, part the Second

I’ve got your boycott right here

Sigh. Some people just don’t get it. My esteemed Brother-in-Blog has posted, replete with linky goodness, on the whole “Not One Damn Dime” boycott movement that is making annoying squeaking noises on the fringes of proper society. They’re calling for their followers to ditch work, and not make any purchases (and if purchases absolutely must be made, to boycott companies who supported GWB’s re-election) on Thursday 20 January 2005, to “cripple the economy” in protest the re-inauguration of Our President.


So, on Inauguration Day, everyone should drive with their headlights on to show their support for GWB. That’ll show’em.

No, wait.....stuff that noise. We should funk with their mojo on a much grander scale.

You are (of course) familiar with Kim du Toit’sNational Ammo Day”, where, on or about the 19th of November, we all go out and buy as much ammunition as we can afford to demonstrate to les federales just how many supporters the Second Amendment there are out there in Silent America.

So anyway, here’s the deal: Inauguration Day, next Thursday, 20 January 2005, you should go to Wal-Mart / K-Mart / Target (three of the companies specifically named by the “Not One Damn Dime” crowd) and buy $100 worth of ammunition, alcohol, and tobacco. If you are so inclined, pick up some p0rn DVDs while you’re at it; and maybe some sweat-shop-labor-made apparel from the “Fashion” department. Make sure you tank up at any gas station who benefits from Halliburton’s services (in case you’re real dense, that would be all of them).

Here is my plan for next Thursday:

1. Get up, go to work
2. A minimum of 12 hours later, leave work and drive to the local Super Wal-Mart
3. Purchase the following items:
· Two cases of cheap beer: $24.00
· Three tins of Copenhagen: $12.00
· Two boxes of .357 ammo: $34.00
· Four boxes of poodle-shooter 9MM ammo: $30.00
· Total: $100.00

This pales in comparison to the purchases that I would have been forced to make upon the event of a john f’n kerry inauguration:

· Five one way tickets to Australia : $10,000.00

Sure, I would have had to “deep-six” the family’s collection of small arms for the duration of the lunacy, but what the hell, I can learn to use a sword.

Spread the word. Reprint at will; post in on the bulletin board, leave copies in the breakroom, link it out on your blog.

Oh, and drive with your headlights on next Thursday.


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