26 August 2005

Friday Wrap Up

a collection of random links and random thoughts

Lest I forget; you need to mark your calendars for a special event on 19 September. Thatisall. Aaaaarrrrgh!

Raging_Dave of Four Right Wing Wackos fame is, well, Raging! In fact, entire Wacko's crew is spot on today, as per their usual. It's like they're having a Snark&Invective kegger and doing double shots of common sense.

The post of the week at NRO comes from Clinton W. Taylor. Amen, Brother. (Thanks to Ace for the enlightenment)

In case you missed it, this weeks VRWC directive from Darth Rove has been declassified. Hewitt spilled the beans.

In shop-talk, as Paul Harvey would say, Iowahawk has some guidelines for the novice blogger and all the wanna-bes. I believe Ace had the link, but I'm not sure.

And Jeff Goldstein is chock-full of good stuff today, as usual. One of these days, I need to thank Stephen Green for adding ProteinWisdom to my blogroll.

It's still early and before it gets late I should go. More sleep = better blogging.


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