12 August 2005

So now we know what Sandy Berger stole

didn't you just know it'd be something like this?

Being the astute blogospherians that you are, you've already seen the breaking Able Danger story. (I get a triple word score for "blogospherians", if it wasn't so late I'd copywrite it. Wait, I just did). All the usual suspects are chiming in on the subject, the Four Right Wing Wackos have a good round-up on the subject. Still no mention of the story from the MSM. Curious, no?

Well, not really. You see, the MSM's attention is tuned to Camp Cindy, a growing collection of RVs and TV news satellite trucks stationed outside the gates of GWB's ranch in Crawford, Texas. Big story, this Cindy. Never mind the fact that she's already had a heart-to-heart with The President, in Seattle some months ago, and came away from that meeting satisfied.

Now it seems that Cindy has had a change of heart and decided The.War.Is.Wrong. and It's.All.GWB's.Fault. thus providing the MSM the media circus required to keep the Able Danger story under wraps. Never mind the fact that her change of heart came about 14 seconds after George Soros ponied up to stop the foreclosure on her trailer and got her TV out of hock. [OK, I'm being unnecessarialy catty. Bite me, mkay?]

Since I'm in a conspiratorial mood, I see the MSM's deep sixing of the Able Danger story as an effort to protect.....(wait for it).....hillary. But enough of that conspiracy theory nonsense.

Speaking of Nurse Ratched (I tried, I really tried to re-find the link for the side-by-side pictures of Nurse Ratched and hillary; sorry, trust me, it was scary-funny), Stephen Green of VodkaPundit fame is doing his part to stop her. What have you done to stop hillary today? Kim du Toit is on the case as well.

And Doc Russia takes the gloves off. H/T to Raging_Dave of the Wackos.

Late again, more soon

Courage (Resolve)


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