26 August 2005

Sigh. Don't it just figure?

looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.....

Although the MSM hasn't (and will not) acknowledged it, dig this: supply side economics works!!! ["Supply Side" where do I keep hearing that phrase?] Dave of the Wackos has some salient comments, as does Kim du Toit.
Sigh. I had a load of things to discuss tonight and a list of links as long as your arm for your amusement. Of course, it got late early again, and my link-list-file is on the laptop (tonight I'm blogging from the bridge of the Starship Heywood). One link that you absolutely must follow come to us via Ace and it's George Will's latest bit of spot-on commentary.
As astute blogospherians, you have no doubt already seen this. No matter what side of the arguement you're on, as Larry The (un-funny) Cable Guy would say: "I don't care who you are: That's funny".
Last August, I was blogging about Lance Armstrong kicking the cycling world's collective asses. He's done it again this year, as I'm sure you've heard. Seven in a row. It is an accomplishment that will never be matched in the future of the Tour de France, or any other sport for that matter.
Today's news has some french lab claiming they've found banned substances in Armstrong's urine samples.....from 1999. The first year he won the Tour de France. Curious. If the charge sticks, it will be used to invalidate his 1999 win and the six subsequent wins. Steve H. of Hog On Ice fame has some observations on the subject.
There's more out there, but I must go now. More soon


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