28 November 2005

Monday Night Fatigue

or something like that

Still not drilling in ANWR. Pity. When you're paying $4.50 per gallon next spring, why don't you call up the Sierra Club and give them hugs and kisses. BTW, OPEC says "Hi!" and "Thank you very much".

I caught part of The President's address on immigration and border security and I liked what I heard. I reserve the right to revise and extend once I've had the chance to read the transcript.

It strike me that I should put forth an Official Position on the whole immigration / border issue. I'll add it to the list, dunno what I'll get to first: border security or the Rust Belt vis-a-vis the Domestic Auto Industry vis-a-vis the UAW (Usually Ain't Workin'). Both issues are substantial burrs under my saddle, which means I'll post a recipe for free-range turkey with tequila-sage sauce or some such boo-ship instead.

I'll give you a teaser on my take on the borders issue: in the three or four minutes that I heard of The President's address today, every time GWB used the words "build" or "construct" or "establish" I found myself screaming at the radio ".....a fcuking fence!!!....." The first section of said fence should be installed at the base of the Ambassidor Bridge in Detroit (Rock City); the second section to be built at the tunnel (the third section to be built at the base of the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron). You get the drift. Gotta keep those fargin' canadiastan bastages at arm's length.

To quote paraphrase Capt. Smollett in Treasure Island: "I've either said too little or said too much" and I must go now. More soon.

Courage (Resolve)


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