24 January 2006

Tuesday Night Linkage

what, you'd rather hear more about the fish-tank?

And so it begins again.....

This story popped up a couple of months ago, now it looks like it is going to trial. Capt. Ed has the details.
Q and O has an interesting discussion on rights and how they exist

Right Wing News starts handicapping the '08 elections
I can't believe I missed this one on Friday; Peggy Noonan at WSJ-OJ

Michele Malkin has some funny at Ray Nagin's expense. I like the N.O.P.D. shirt the best.

PowerLine on the '06 mid-terms
I reserve the balance of my time and the right to revise and extend at a future date.
BTW, there's only 2,523 days left until the end of time. Please plan accordingly.


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