16 March 2006

Am I the only one.....

.....who's having a serious WTF? moment here?

Nationally, the Stupid Party Congressional majority just blew right through the spending cap. What ever happened to fiscal responsibility, supposedly one of the planks of the Stupid Party's platform? Expect wall to wall coverage of this from the MSM.

Locally, the Stupid Party majority in the Michigan Congress just authorized a 44% increase in the minimum wage. Instead of getting off their collective asses and repealing the asinine Single Business Tax (aka the Reduction-in-Force Act, or the Lay-Off Act); these wankers have just doomed most of the small businesses in the state. Remind me to tell you more about both the minimum wage and the Single Business Tax later.

What is it with the Stupid Party these days? I mean, they've been acting weapons grade stupid of late.

I am so pissed off right now I can't even enjoy the fact that I'm actually blogging at 9:08 PM instead of my usual 11:48 PM.

More soon. Or maybe not, as I see that BlogSpot is funked out again tonight. They might as well replace the "Publish Post" with a "Poof Post" button.

Update: "Publish Post" went "Poof" as expected. doG, how I hate mailing it in....


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