20 March 2006

I am not pleased

pissed off, actually

So anyway, I exit the salt mine and jump into the Mighty Sports Wagon and hit the button for some straight-talkin' common sense, truth, justice, and the American Way! and what do I get?

It seems that the Einsteins running WAAM in the Peoples Republic of AnnArbor (aka Moscow on the Huron) have dumped the outrageously popular "On the Edge with Thayrone" for Doctor.Freakin'.Laura.

So instead of the coolest bumper music known to mankind, I get the Pointer Sisters. Instead of Thayrone shouting out the truth, I get "How do you feel about that?".

How do I feel about that? Let's just say that there are some radio executives in this town who need to have their collective asses whipped with a car antenna.

Sorry for the lack of linkage, bad dial-up tonight, plus it's late and I have to go back to the salt mine at Zero Dark Thirty. Just type "Thayrone" into AltaVista and you can have all the links you can eat.



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