26 March 2006

Sunday Night Mumblings

I've got lots of catching up to do

So anyway, the business trip was good. Got a lot accomplished, and drank my weight in alcohol. Which, if you've seen me lately, is no small feat.

If you find yourself having to go anywhere near Nashville, I highly recommend the Union Station Hotel. It's within walking distance of everything, and you could spend hours just taking in the history and the architecture of the building. And as an added bonus, the pub next door has a beer list sporting 209 different beers.
Yes, I'm still brewing on the whole minimum wage issue, but there are other things on the stove right now. I know, blog it while it's fresh. There's a lot of background that needs to be covered before I can actually get to my rant. Go read up, let me know when you're ready.
No, my thoughts of late have been occupied by a shopping list. Specifically, a list of things that I need to acquire in case the liberal leftards ever get hold of the reins of government again. I mean, extra ammo and small arms goes without saying; but what are the little things that one might need if you have to seriously bunker down for an election cycle? Just curious, that's all.
We'll have words soon. I should get some sleep.


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