08 September 2006

Another Milestone

I am humbled and impressed

so anyway, sometime this evening the hit counter here at SupplySidePolitics topped the 4000 mark.

Thank you very much. To everyone who stops by to read the rantings, and extra thanks to those who have bothered to comment. I really appreciate it.

Elsewhere, it struck me this evening that the whole dust-up over the upcoming ABC mini-series regarding the terrorist's attacks of 11 September 2001 is just a big smoke screen.

I know, file it under "Duh!"

Really, why are the democrats / clintonistas just now screaming about this?

I have a theory that borders on the fringe of conspiracy: making an issue of this whole ABC movie is the left's attempt to minimize the importance of the fifth anniversiary of That Day. If they make a Big Stink about the movie, the actual event is pushed to the background.

Wankers. Wankers, one and all.

Yes, I will be watching / taping The Path to 9/11. I am pissed off (just like the rest of the dextrosphere) that it appears that ABC has caved to to demands of the former (and never again to be) clinton administration.

Let it be. 48 hours from now, we will have seen the first half, and then we can let fly the snark and invective.

more soon, I must sleep now


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