02 September 2006

Odds and Ends

it's a holiday weekend, and all that crap

so anyway, I was rummaging about the dextrosphere tonight and re-discovered my fellow-traveller's Sir Banagor's excellent blog "Shining full plate and a good broadsword". I usually read Banagor's work a couple of times a month but due to the demands on my time lately I haven't been keeping up on my reading.
Sir Banagor has a couple of outstanding posts in recent weeks that you should read. Yes, they will most likely piss you off; it always sucks getting smacked in the face with the cold hard reality of the Truth.
As Captain Smollett would say ".....I've either said too much or said too little.....", so without further comment, the linkage: Osama bin Laden is right and The Face of a New God. Sobering stuff, that. While you're there, be sure to read Banagor's classic "Really Fcuking Stupid People" rant. You can thank me later.
We'll have words again soon


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