06 September 2006

Wednesday Night Lite

The strange week continues

so anyway, it only took about 24 hours for the leftards to show their true colors regarding the death of Steve Irwin. I shant link to such crap here, but if you have a computer and an internets tubes connection, you can search on "germaine greer" of the UK's Guardian for all the vomitorious content you need. Wankerette.

Irwin was a staunch supporter of Austrailian PM John Howard, and an all-around stand-up Conservative guy (a fact that I've known for years). I guess the international leftists can not gracefully note the passing of an icon (with who's politics they disagree with) with any sense of decorum.

Wankers. Wankers, one and all.

As it's late and I am tired, I'll leave you with a couple of links from an old friend from the Mutual Linkage Society. Insolublog has a couple of righteous posts up, one sends up the leftards' Wal-Mart fixation using the sci fi classic Soilent Green; the other whacks liberalism in general via an old episode of (the original) Star Trek. Good stuff, that; and if you can keep the snorting and chortelling to a minimum, it's completely safe for work.

We'll have words soon.


At 21 September, 2006 22:55, Blogger Insolublog said...

Thanks for the links Mike, and the kind words.


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