09 January 2007

Almost Reagan-esque

I should re-take the survey when I'm sober
so anyway, according to Frank J. over at IMAO, there's a political quiz-thingy going on. I shant add the results here, because every time I cut-n-paste the script results from some stoopid poll here at SupplySidePolitics it screws up the template for weeks.
I scored a 38 out of a possible 40. I expected my numbers to be in the high-60's. It could just be the vodka talking (which of course would all be Ace's and/or Steven Green's fault; it's a long story).
After all, haven't you ever been mellow?
Do go take the test your own bad self and post your results in the comments. The bestest entry gets one of those fakey interwebtubes prizes; hand delivered by my brother-in-blog.
And he'll wax your car while he's there. Talk about a Win-Win situation.....


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