17 March 2008

Monday Night Thoughts

Odds and Ends

Happy St.Patrick's Day, BTW

so anyway, another week in The Stoopid Business™ is under way. Can't you just taste the excitement?

A couple of quick points on the recent news:

First, the important stuff. Consul-at-Arms' topped 100,000 hits on his counter this evening. Go ye therefore and read; it's all good. As he mentioned earlier today:

I also had noticed the upcoming milestone on my Site Meter. I'd be a lot more impressed by myself if weren't for all the web logs I read that get those sort of numbers a whole lot quicker and more often that I ever will.
CAA, remember; you work for a living and have a blog, not the other way around. Trust me, it's impressive.

Second, (and I can't believe I'm even blogging about this, because I care not): "Kristen" of Eliot Spitzer fame aged ten years over the weekend, from 22 to 32. Curious, the early reports on the whole fiasco said that Spitzer had been "frequenting" her for something like eight years; my money says she was under-aged when he started availing himself of her services. I mean, really, had she gone from 22 to 26 or 27, OK, that's just playing fast and loose with one's age. Aging a whole decade just smacks of a cover-up. Your actual mileage may vary.

Third, Senator Obama says he was not in attendance for Wright's inflammatory sermon on 22 June, because he was speaking at a LaRaza event in Miami that same day? Now there's an alibi that will win friends and influence people. McQ at Q and O has the goods.

We'll have this much fun again soon, I'm sure.


At 19 March, 2008 03:34, Blogger Consul-At-Arms said...

Thanks for the link.

I've linked back to you here: http://consul-at-arms.blogspot.com/2008/03/re-monday-night-thoughts.html


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