22 November 2009

The Next President

linking our old blog-friend InstaPun***k is A.Good.Thing.

so anyway, LocoPunk has a good post up at InstaPun***k regarding the Next President. Read the whole thing. A snippet:

".....a definitive profile of the next president of the United States, the chief feature of which is that he will bear no resemblance to Barack Obama. Things we can say for sure.

-- He won't be an historical first of any kind, like, say, a woman
-- He won't cause any network newsmen to get homoerotic leg twitches.
-- He won't be young.
-- He won't be good looking.
-- He won't be charming.
-- He won't be even remotely glib, folksy, or clever.
-- He'll spend a lot of time off-camera in the White House. Working.
-- He won't be apologetic about anything American, at home or abroad.
-- We'll be okay with that.
-- He'll have actual experience in government, foreign policy, and executive roles.
-- He'll love the United States more than himself.
-- He'll be an ruthless bastard about pursuing American interests abroad.
-- He'll see wars as opportunities for victory, not occasions for PR bonanzas in world opinion.
Sure, I'm cherry-picking LocoPunk's points, but not so much. I agree with LocoPunk's conclusion, but, with as much as I admire Darth Cheney, I still think that a Thompson / Palin ticket in 2012 would stomp the opposition into a bloody puddle.

This material will be covered on the mid-term exam. Study accordingly.

thatisall. more soon


At 25 November, 2009 15:29, Blogger Susan said...

"I still think that a Thompson/Palin ticket in 2012 would stomp the opposition into a bloody puddle."

From your lips, Michael.


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