20 November 2009

Friday night observations about nothing in particular

another grueling week of unemployment grinds to a halt

so anyway, since I had to run some errands today I thought I'd take advantage of being out of the house and swing by Taco Bell for a couple of their most excellent Cheesy Double Beef Burritos.

When the girl handed me the bag, she said "Here you go. See you tomorrow". To which I asked "What?" She replied: "Well, your in here almost every day with the exact same order....."

I'm only doing this because Rachel Lucas is currently unable to support her beloved Taco Bell. Someone has to keep the chain alive until her return (I'm a "giver"; it's all about adding value to the lives of others). And the fact that the Cheesy Double Beef Burrito kicks some serious ass. It's the Chuck Norris of the "Value Menu" meme.

Here's my question: Is having the local Taco Bell expect me to show up and order the same thing every day a bad sign?

Your thoughts?


At 21 November, 2009 12:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Times are hard, enjoy what you can! :)
(sorry to hear about the job loss)


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