14 November 2009

A teachable moment, with pictures

yeah! pictures!

so anyway, we've all seen this pic before:

and from the "way-back" file, we have this of our President "noticing something on the floor" as he greets the Saudi prince:

In the past 96 hours, Barack Husein Obama has added the following most unfortunate photo-ops:

First, on Veterans' Day:

Dis-fcuking-gracefull. But it gets worse:

If I were Doubleplusundead, I'd caption this pic thusly:

BHO: ahh uhh....Akihito-san...I uhh offer up ahh my uhh balls as a gesture of Hope! and Change!

Akihito: Obama-san, I appreciate your offer, but your self-humiliating gesture shows that we already own your balls, and those balls of your Country.

Mrs.Akihito: Yes, your balls already we own.

/dpud off

or maybe not. Here's the vid of the actual encounter:

In case you're wondering, this is how one greets a foreign head of state:

Stand tall, look them in the eye, firm handshake

doG, I sure do miss Darth Cheney.

more soon.


At 15 November, 2009 17:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha- Funny caption you posted. This picture is worth a million words.


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