05 October 2013

Pictures, being worth a thousand words...

pure genius from Chris Muir...

so anyway, Chris Muir of Day By Day fame, has put it on a tee and whacked it smackly:

Obamaha Beach, indeed
Elsewhere, Obama was just warming up with the WWII memorial, now he's upped his game by several orders of magnitude shutting down the ocean. (H/T to Purple Avenger over at AoSHQ)

That's right, TFG has ordered that the fucking OCEAN be closed because of the Federal Government slowdown.  Wanker.

But that's still not all: TFG has barricaded the Iwo Jima monument and the Vietnam wall (monument).

As Ace said about the Iwo Jima issue: "They took the actual Iwo Jima. They're not going to have much of a problem with the Iwo Jima memorial."

I hope the so called "shutdown" goes on for weeks, if not months.  It shows TFG and his cronies for what they are, and the populace will not stand for it.  We've seen smatterings of civil dis-obedience over the past four or five days, I'm hoping it increases exponentially.

BOOM! goes the dynamite!  Fresh of tonight's ONT: The Rebel Alliance is on the move:

We live in interesting times.

more soon

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