04 October 2004

Post started on Sunday 3 October 2004

Post started on Sunday 3 October 2004
A few programming notes: I will be scarce in my blogging for the next few weeks. No, the democratic underground didn’t “get” to me and silence my blogging just prior to the Election of our Lifetime. No, the answer is far more pedestrian than that. I’ll be starting a new job in a weeks time, and I have to get the house ready to sell, and get all the little things fixed and functioning so that The Missus and the children can carry on in my absence. Naturally, my nocturnal blogging is the first thing to get optioned off. Not that I consider it unimportant, just it’s the one “recreational” activity I have, and as recreational, it is therefore expendable. If the new job has liberal IT policies regarding Internet usage, I’ll be back to lunchtime blogging soon.
I am working off-line tonight; I haven’t been out on the blogsphere since the wee hours of Sunday morning. I have been mandated by The Missus to stay off the modem until The In-laws call to announce that they are home safe from the Springsteen “Vote for Change” concert (see previous post) in Detroit, Rock City. I can’t wait to hear they review of the rally.
Which brings me to a point that has been simmering in my rum-sodden brain for a few days now. Remember way back to the 2000 election, when it was the Hollywood types out protesting the GWB candidacy? Remember? Baldwin and Robbins and Sarandon and Penn and many others vowing to “move to france” if GWB was elected? Well? Despite the donks best efforts to steal the election, GWB was duly sworn in as our 43rd President (look at that: MS Word automagically superscripted the “rd”. Good thing I wasn’t typing this on a 1970 vintage typewriter, else it might look forged.) The Hollywood crowd stayed put in southern California, therefore losing all credibility to protest.
In 2000, it was the Hollywood crowd carrying the GWB protest torch, in 2004 it’s the musicians. The “Rock the Vote” crowd hasn’t been this active since 1992, when they helped BillyJeff Blythe Clinton win over Bush 41. Where are the Hollywood types this go ‘round? Counting their winnings from the tax cuts they so despise, I guess.
A bunch of washed up musicians band together to protest GWB, so what? The demographic they’re reaching out to largely doesn’t vote anyway. Sure, there will be a percentage of their demographic who’ll register and vote because of “American Coming Together’s” effort; but in the long analysis it will be for naught. If you’re not registered to vote by now (4 October) you’re too late to vote in the general elections in November. Period. The “Vote for Change” concert series runs through 11 October, which is way too late to register voters for this election. At least the Votergasm.org people are offering something for your vote.
I ask the question honestly, without malice aforethought: just what is so bad / wrong with GWB anyway? I mean, really? As a Constitutional Conservative, I have issues with some of our President’s positions and his handling of certain aspects of the job he was elected to. I consider myself a part of the Loyal Opposition, but I just don’t see the need for all the vitriol.
Note to self: you really need to do a “these things I believe” post in the near future.
I just want to puke when I think about john kerry. His campaign would wither and die if any intellectually honest (oxymoron alert) player in the main stream media actually called up his pro-clinton senate speech about how “service in VietNam doesn’t matter”.
Post resumed on Monday 4 October 2004
Monday. And kerry still makes me want to puke.
Still no word from the in-laws on how the anti-GWB rally went. I understand that the contact buzz from crack smoke takes a few days to wear off. I heard some third hand re-count about Springsteen doing an "Al Sharpton" parody, not sure if he went the whole nine yards with black-face and all.
This is getting wordy and I've lost the coherent thread. I'll saw it off and come back fresh later.


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