18 January 2005

Fookin’ Wankers

This is not going to be pretty


So anyway I had the opportunity to surf around the blogosphere this evening and was educated, amused, annoyed, and downright pissed off. Then I get back to my small but tiny apartment and Hewitt is torturing my ears with Babs Boxer’s vapid questioning of the 44th President Secretary of State nominee Condi Rice.

Bejeezus, where to start.....

I just deleted four ranting pages of invective, not fit for a family blog such as this. I’m glad I got that out of my system; I feel much better now. If I may, I shall address some of the issues to which I have been exposed to this fine day:

Via Blogspot’s “Next Blog” feature, I stumbled upon some young wanker going off about how The Draft was just around the corner ‘cause enlistments were way down and defections were way up.

Excuse me? WTF?

If you look beyond the MSM’s spin on the issue; the Military has exceeded it’s recruitment goal for 2004, National Guard / Reserve enlistments met their projections; re-enlistments are way up; and the desertion rate is less than half of what it was prior to 11 September 2001. Four Right Wing Wackos have the details, go there, scroll down and learn.

Then there’s the Queen of the Wankers, Barbara Boxer, who is not intellectually qualified to rinse out Condi Rice’s jogging bra. I just can’t be civil in discussing the whole fiasco, let it be known that I am pissed.

[Update: Dr.Rice has received the endorsement of the Senate Foreign
Relations Committee by a vote of 14-2. The two dissenting votes? Babs Boxer
(duh) and john f’n kerry (who?). Dr.Rice was ‘sposed to be confirmed on
Thursday, 20 January 2005 but Senate democrats managed to postpone the
confirmation vote until next week. I guess confirming Dr.Rice on the same day as
GWB’s re-inauguration would send them into fits of apoplexy. Whatever. We won.
They lost. ‘Nuff said.]

So Rolling Stone splashed an ad for Zondervan’s latest “version” of their bible. Like, how and why is this news? Did Zondervan really expect RS to print the ad? It seems a little common sense was lacking from Zondervan’s Advertising Department’s demographic brainstorming session. Maybe they were just looking for a headline.....

I haven’t read Rolling Stone in something like 20 years; ever since Jann Werner had Crockett and Tubbs’ side-arms “air-brushed” out of the magazine’s cover photo featuring then Miami Vice stars Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas; as part of his (Werner’s) anti-gun stance. I don’t begrudge Werner the right to do so; it’s his magazine and he can do with what he will. I also will do what I will; voting “with my feet” as it were, and not purchasing his magazine. I mean, other than P.J.O’Rourke, what would RS have to offer me?

That being said, and being horridly Constitutional, Rolling Stone has every right to splash the ad, just like the Boy Scouts have the right to splash gay troop leaders, and Target has the right to splash the Salvation Army, and Augusta National has the right to splash women as members. It’s called Freedom of Association. It’s, like, in the Constitution, dude. (And it’s really in the Constitution, in plain English, unlike other so-called “rights” that are extrapolated from the Document).

Sleep beckons, I must go.


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