16 February 2005

Tuesday Night Wrap Up

yeah, I know: it’s a little different

Via 4 Right Wing Wackos, I stumbled upon an outstanding piece by Popular Mechanics, debunking all the moonbat theories surrounding the islamofascist terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001. Per my long standing policy: please be advised, there are graphic images of That Day. That said, go yea therefore and read the PM piece.

I have been righteously pissed off about a number of items in the news the past few days, but my ire is mitigated by the fact that my (real) life will be returning to normal soon. (Please hold whilst I do the Happy Dance™. Thank You). I hope to return to more regular, predictable blogging very soon. And if my Brother-In-Blog and I can find a pub with WiFi, real dart boards, and Guinness on tap somewhere betwixt Livonia and Northville, you’d better just close the storm shutters now.....

Dr.Rice has ordered our representatives from Syria home, in wake of the terrorist’s bombing. Good. If you read between the lines, recalling our representatives should be construed as being put on notice.

I’ve long had suspicions about the Syrians and their lap-dog state Lebanon. I still would like to see every nook and cranny of the Beka Valley explored; I’ve got $20 that says you’d find WMDs stamped with “Property of S.Hussien” buried under the sand there. Sure, the “exit strategy” calls for stops in Iran and North Korea on the way home, but Syria should internalize the fact that they are merely a spring afternoon’s diversion for the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force as a “skill sharpening exercise” and that the Syrians should STFU and get with the program, like yesterday if not sooner. What part of “you’re either with us or against us” don’t they understand?

The Syrians, the Iranians, and North Korea’s poofy haired bastard had best understand that while they are soveriegn nations, their soveriegncy is contingent on them abiding by the rules of decent society as deciced by, well, the United States of America. Ann Coulter said recently that “.....international law is whatever the United Stated and the United Kingdom say it is.....” and that theory can be extrapolated to cover this situation. It is in out National Interest to dictate the Rules of Decent Society for the rest of the world and we will enforce those rules as we deem necessary to protect our National Interests and Security.

Oh, BTW: if you are living in Iran within sight of the Iranian nucular facility: Move. Now. That site is going to soon be a smoldering hole in the ground courtesy of American made ordnance delivered by American made aircraft, driven by Israelis. You “give peace a chance” morons can just start getting over it now, ‘cause it’s going to happen. Before Memorial Day. Hopefully they can set up a pay-per-view deal so we can see it live.

News Flash: Lobsters, crabs, terrorists, crustaceans et al. don’t feel pain. You can just imagine my relief. Now I can dump those spiny little fcukers into vats of boiling water and serve them up with rendered (or is it clarified?) butter without guilt. I have a recipe for lobster quiche somewhere.....

My sincere apologies to crustaceans everywhere for associating them with terrorists. My bad. I have had a long standing love for all crustaceans, as anyone who has ever lunched with me can attest.

Besides, everyone knows that you dump terrorists into vats of boiling oil.


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