02 February 2005

Two monumentous posts

By other people

I think the incomparable Mark Steyn has been reading Supply Side Politics. Both of our long time regular readers will recall that back in the second week of December, in the post titled “Leave my Constitution alone, dammit!”, I made reference to “Condi’s second term” and now Steyn uses the exact same words! I’m so humbled. I mean, like, Mark freakin’ Steyn. Really. Wow.

Seriously, though: go read Mr.Steyn’s work. All of it. Right.Now.

Mike over at Cold Fury delivers a smack-down of biblical proportions to the left, the UN, and europe et al. Out-Standing! If he was within 25 miles of where I’m sitting right now, I’d buy him all the beer he could drink. All I can say is “Righteous, brother. Ab-so-fookin-lutely righteous.”

Note to self: add Cold Fury to the blogroll, like yesterday, if not sooner.

A large and most flourished swag of the sombrero to the, well, wackos, over at 4 Right Wing Wackos for the tip on the Steyn column.

Second note to self: blogroll 4rww ASAP.

Damn, this off-line blogging situation really sucks. I sit here, listening to Jimmy Buffett, drinking cheap beer, and writing VRWC blog-posts, to be up-loaded to the blog at a date to be determined. Of course, if I were online and blogging live in the evenings, I’d stay up too damn late every night and ultimately get fired for being late every morning.


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