06 February 2005

Sunday Night Wrap up

or some-such nonsense

So anyway I haven’t watched TV since Election Night (We Won. You Lost. Get Over It). That’s like thirteen weeks this coming Tuesday. Yet I remain better informed than some who have the box on CNN / CBS / MSNBC / MSM et al 24/7. Curious. It’s amazing what the Blogosphere and AM radio can do for one’s situational awareness.

Congratulations to the New England Patriots for their victory in the Super Bowl. Three words for the Eagles: “Hurry Up Offense”. If you’re down by 10, you live in the “two minute drill” even if there’s 5 minutes on the clock.

Paul McCartney: Yawn. Makes me glad I was on the road and listened to the game on the radio and subsequently missed the big half-time show. I am pissed that I missed all the commercials. “Hey, Jude” Please. I’m no Beatles fan by any stretch, and I place Sir Paul third on my list of Beatles (lennon being fourth). All I can say is “My Sweet Lord”.

So they’re flocking to canadia in droves (of at least 18,000). Good riddance. Those wankers should be tagged and never let back into our Country, for any reason. (Didn't I read something about this before? I thought so). To quote billy jeff blythe clinton: “Oh, baby! Go, baby. Go!”

Do any of those en-lightened soon-to-be-ex-pats realize (of course they don’t) what would have happened to the economy if the evil VRWC capitalist types would have bugged out after the clintons’ were elected or if john f’n kerry was elected?

So all of Air America’s listeners are moving to canadia and each are taking two people with them. So What? It’s not like those who would emigrate to canadia are actually contributing to the collective National bottom line anyway. Expect a correspondending decrease in the welfare roles and for half the coffee shops in Seattle to go broke.



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