07 February 2005


We’re coming after you, CNN.....

So you’ve been hearing snippets of this whole Eason Jordan / CNN fiasco from the Mutual Masturbation Societies’ recent meetings in Davos, Switzerland. In case you missed it; Mr.Jordan of the Clinton News Network stated that the United States military had “.....targeted and killed twelve journalists.....” in Iraq. Excuse me, the now sovereign Iraq.

This story broke on the blogosphere / AM radio last Tuesday; and there have been admissions, backtracking, denial, and subterfuge surrounding it since. Transcripts have been promised but not produced, video of the conference have been offered then retracted. The MSM has been silent over this issue, but that’s all coming to an end soon.

Hugh Hewitt went on record on the yakkity-yak shows over the weekend and on his radio program Monday evening stating the MSM black-out of this story will dissolve this week and the feeding frenzy will begin.

‘Bout friggin’ time.

It’s not like Hewitt needs the traffic, but he’s been coordinating the effort for the past week and he has all the links. We just hope he acknowledges from whence the three-hit spike in his page-views came.

Notice to CNN and the MSM et al: Rathergate was not an anomaly, it was just the tip of the iceberg. Your hull has been breached, and it is high time you stop re-arranging your oh-so-pretty deck chairs and either own up to who you really are and accept the consequences or stop your proselytizing and return to the actual reporting of the news without commentary.

There are more of us than there are of you.....


At 10 February, 2005 05:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The MSM has been reporting anti-American propaganda as news for 60 years. There is no one there who has any idea how to report the truth. They can not go back.To start reporting news in thier "news" stories would be starting over from scratch.
Rod Stanton


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