19 February 2005

United Nations Thoughts

I've been spending some time contemplating a common sentiment among the liberal chattering classes. I was speaking to a woman who was very much anti-war. She asked me if I'd be willing to let one of my sons join the army and fight this unjust war. Without thinking twice I blurted out, ABSOLUTELY. She went on, "why do our sons and daughters have to be the ones to die freeing the Iraqi's". Because of people like you supporting a corrupt U.N. believing that they are going to their job enforcing their own security council resolutions, when in reality, they are likely one of the most corrupt agencies in the history of mankind! She should be mad alright, not at Bush and me, but at Europe and the U.N.. How many times do stories like these have to surface befor the MSM starts to look for the answer? (hint, one parts in New York, and the rest is over the pond).

Now I'm sure it never occured to her that some people feel differently than her because she looked totally shocked. That's a part that sometimes sucks about living in a blue state. I then told her that I myself joined the service when the Iranians took our citizens hostage, heading off the obligitory "you're being a hypocrate" response. And that I would be proud if any of my sons decided to join and fight.

Dennis Boyles over at NRO has some great advice for the President regarding his upcoming trip to Europe. I hope he takes all of it and I concur completely. Pressure must be placed on Europe if we are to hope that the U.N. can begin to provide any kind of service to the world. I myself would support a complete withdrawl from the U.N., but alas, I am a realist. Even so, you can support the withdrawl of the United States from the U.N. by going here.


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