16 March 2005

Wednesday Night Wrap Up

for the lack of a better title

So anyway I sit down to do a little bloggin' this fine evening and I discover, much to my surprise, that common sense has broken out in Washington D.C. and we are finally going to start exploring for oil (mmmmm, oil: black gold, Texas tea) in ANWR.

'Bout friggin' time.

I'm old enough to remember all the hubbub the leftist enviromentalist (I know, redundancy alert) nutjobs made about the horridly evil Trans-Alaska Pipeline: how the "pristine" Alaskan environment would be ravaged and how the caribou and reindeer and polar bears and the web-footed hook-billed snark nosed boobie birds would all be doomed to extinction and that there would be great wailing and gnashing of teeth and we should all be ashamed of ourselves.

Except none of the above happened. In fact, quite the opposite. I recall seeing some National Geographic program years ago about how the wildlife was thriving along the pipeline route.

Just relax, people. Halliburton is not going to pave every square foot of ANWR; the environment is not going to be ravenged by the drilling (Oh, yes, the drilling. Lots and lots of drilling). One of the enviro-nutjob arguments is that ANWR would be destroyed and no one will ever see it again. I got news for you, Skippy: no one was ever going to see it anyway. It's not like there are regularly scheduled tours heading up to the North Slope. But you know what? Once the evil greedy oil companies start working up there on a regular basis, and supply lines are established, and a few roads are built; somebody will start operating tours, piggy-backing off the ground work done by Halliburton, et al.

But enough about that. I'm getting bummed out thinking about it. Had I known, I would have bought more Halliburton stock yesterday, now I'm screwed. It'll probably open Thursday morning at about twice it's Wednesday closing price on the news.

Look for this news item in the MSM: drilling in ANWR is just a Chimpy McBushitler scheme to make his oil buddies rich. Trust me, you'll see it Sunday, at the latest.

What else is out there? Oh, right: Harry Reid.

What a wanker. It seems that Harry "GroundHogDay" Reid has threatened to "shut down the Senate" and only address issues of Defense and National Security (now that would be an interesting Google search: WTF does the left know about Defense and/or National Security?).

Shut down the Senate. Hmmm. Stop making laws. Hmmm. Curious.

OK, Harry. You win. Shut down the Senate. Right. Do It Now. See if you can get your counterpart in the House to do the same. Shut down the whole Legislative branch. Ab-so-lutely!!! Only matters of Defense and National Security to be addressed. Righteous.

If there are any pesky little issues that need to be addressed, we can take a page from the billy jeff blythe clinton playbook and handle them with an Executive Order. Fair enough?


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