09 March 2005

There are issues

that I don't have time for right now

So anyway where to start? sigh

First off, YosemiteSam over at The Ten Ring has a post on "counter-recruiting" that will make you break things in your home or office. Or your home office. Whatever. There's loads of good stuff over there, tell'em Heywood sent ya.

There have been some squeaking noises in Congress about the minimum wage lately and I'm about to get righteously pissed off about the general lack of knowledge and specific ignorance about the whole issue of the Minimum Wage.

Note to SpongeTedSquareLiver: STFU.

The minimum wage was never intended to be a "living wage", it was enacted to promote full employment. Jebeezus, how many times do I have to 'splain this concept? OK, we have new students in class who haven't heard this before, so here goes:

On second thought, never mind. This issue requires a little more cogent (sober) thought, and I shall check my facts (a totally redundant exercise) and post specifically on the issue soon. No, really. Soon. Next week. Or certainly before the end of the month.

Poor billy jeff: as part of hillary's master plan, he probably will not survive his next heart surgury. After all, she can't run in '08 if he's still consuming oxygen on this planet. I was surprised he made it off the table after the bypass operation. Again, this is an issue worthy of it's own post; I'll get back to you before the end of the quarter.

Note to the Provisioning Committee: WTF? How do we run out of cheap rum at 11:30 PM on Garbage Night? I want answers, people. On my desk, first thing in the morning.


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