05 March 2005

Technical Difficulties

but we're feeling much better now

SupplySidePolitics has experienced a minor technical glitch over the past 36 hours, the "side bar" just up and dissapeared. I think the issue has been resolved and things are back to normal. If you notice any problems, please e-mail me at heywoodblogger-at-yahoo-dot-com. Thankyouverymuch.

We've added a "Recently Discovered Blogs" blogroll to the side bar, and welcome The Ten Ring and Red_State_Infidel as the inaugral members. I've also "de-listed" Frank J.'s IMAO, as they have recently "jumped the shark" and I want to remember the old Frank, not the Joanie Loves Chachi version. (Am I the only one who is frightened by the fact the "Joanie Loves Chachi" generates over 19,000 Google hits?)

Too scary, I gotta geaux


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