10 March 2005

Thursday Night Wrap Up

I'm starting to see a pattern here

Ann Coulter pops the top on a fresh six pack of Snark and shares it with the world. A regular chuckle-fest, it is.

Mike over at Cold Fury links out to Geraghty at National Review on the for and against demonstrations in Lebanon. Stephen Green of VodkaPundit fame is also following the Lebanon / Syria situation.

Pig Herder has his eye on the situation as well. Heh.

Speaking of Cold Fury, it was there that I discovered InstaPunk, who has a most excellent post on the so-called "Danger of Guns". InstaPunk will be added to the "Recently Discovered" blogroll soon.


I'm back, after having spent over an hour on the phone with Verizon correcting my cell phone issue. Of course now it's bedtime, as Zero Dark Thirty comes awful early these days.


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