22 April 2005

Minutiae and Detail

Was that a long week or what?

My apologies for the lack of posting; I have been incredibly busy, both at work and at home, this past week. If 40 hours is the norm for a work week, I would have been done for the week by about 10:30 AM Thursday morning. My Brother-in-Blog is under similar pressures as well.

So anyway: I almost crashed the mighty SportsWagon this morning on the way to work. The "all news all the time" radio station that I listen to on the way to work has a particularly annoying advertiser, so when this particularly annoying advertisement airs, I hit the "FM" button. Which landed me on National Peoples Public Radio's Morning Edition .

Being "Earth Day", NPR was doing environmental stuff and they were interviewing a certain Michael Shellenberger, who had written some book about environmental issues or what-ever. I was half listening, amusing myself by honking at and flipping off wankers with "kerry/edwards 2004" bumper stickers on their Saturns. (Two notes on the whole bumper sticker issue: 1. We Won. You Lost. Get Over It. and 2. I actually saw an old AeroStar van yesterday that had two "clinton / gore '96" stickers on the bumper. Unbelievable).

Anyway, this Shellenberger chap was wining on about "social conscience" or some such boo-ship when he said something to the effect of ".....like now, when *spit* kkkonservatives *spit* dominate all three branches of government"(emphasis is, of course, mine. The gag/spit was clearly evident in his tone).

If it were not for the fact that I am generally calm and collected behind the wheel, my last words would have been a screaming "WTF?!?!?!?!?" at the radio whilst causing a NASCAR style pile-up on the freeway.

Apparently, this guy hasn't been keeping up with current events. The problem is that the Judicial branch is dominated by liberals, you knob. (Shellenberger, not you. But you knew that.) Go hear it for yourself, please remove all breakables from your general vicinity prior to doing so.

Speaking of the Judiciary; John Hawkins of RightWingNews fame had an outstanding post on why judicial nominees matter. Football and Judges: who'd have thunk it.

How did you celibrate "Earth Day"? Since it was raining, I couldn't mow the lawn or put fertilizer down, but I did manage to grill some big honkin' steaks. It's really amazing what 25 pounds of kingsford and a quart of lighter fluid can do.....I'd bet this fire was visible from space.

There was more, but I'm beat and must sleep. Courage.


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