05 April 2005

And it's only Tuesday

a long week already

My Brother-in-Blog and I have both been incredibly busy for the past week or so with no end in sight; our apologies for the lack of posting. A few random thoughts before I call it a night:

Sandy Berger gets his wrist slapped for committing a crime that would land you or I in Federal (pound you in the ass) Prison. [Note: you really have to have seen the movie Office Space to appreciate the reference]. Disgraceful, really. Everyone has beaten this one to death. Twice. You know and I know It's.Just.Wrong.

The only Michael Jackson that I concern myself with is the beer guy (do your own Google search, dammit).

When they set foot onto the ground at the Vatican, who will turn to a pillar of salt first: billy jeff or hillary?

Of course, billy jeff is going. He has to do something to make himself look presidential; what better way than hanging out with Presidents?

Yeah! Baseball is back! Yeah!

Who declared it "high speed police chase" day in LosAngeles? WTF?

Sleep beckons and I must answer


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