08 April 2005

The Contractual Obligation Post

Pope John Paul II was laid to rest today. I'm sure you've heard, it was in all the papers. This week I read some little blurb (I think is was Moxie, not sure; do your own Google* AltaVista search dammit) about how two of the three people most responsible for the fall of communism (the original "We Won. You Lost") were gone now: first Ronald W. Reagan, now John Paul. Only Margaret Thatcher is left.

In the coming weeks and months, as the volumes are written about John Paul II and the impact of his papacy, watch for this trend: It was actually the Pope who brought down the Iron Curtain. The MSM will twist the history to minimize Reagan and Thatcher's role in the fall of communism, because A.) they want to discredit anything that Ronald Reagan accomplished and B.) the Pope hated GWB, as evidenced by his (the Pope's) opposition to the BLOOD FOR OIL WAR TO MAKE GWB's OIL BUDDIES RICHER liberation of Iraq. Or so their interpretation will reflect.

I'm not studied up on it enough to assess the Pope's role in the fall of communism, but I know this much: Without Karol Wojtyla's active involvement, Lech Walesa would have been at the epicenter of a (Russian-made) smoldering crater in Gdansk. Walesa pushed the envelope, John Paul covered his "six".

*Suppy Side Politics has temporarily suspended the use of the Google search engine, pending review of Google's involvement with the new algore cable TV channel. More news as it develops.


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