09 April 2005

Send lawyers, guns, and money

the siht has hit the fan

So anyway, there's this story that's being smacked about by my blogosphere 2nd Amendment compatriots about this reporter-ette for the Pittsburgh dinosaur-blog (for those of you in Ypsilanti, Michigan, that would be a newspaper) yelping about how easy it is to buy an AK-47. Random Nuclear Strikes says it best, it's ".....too funny not to read....." A tippling of the turban to the Four Right Wing Wackos for the call to prayer.

It strikes me that the reporter-ette in question was the same vapid creature who opined last year that canadia was so morally superior to The United States of America because canadia has de-criminalized marijuana, allows gay marriage, and has government subsidized via a 68% marginal tax rate free health care, and all that other leftist bull-siht. If it wasn't so late, I'd do an AltaVista search to prove my point (Or disprove my point. I don't care, as long as the Truth survives.)

On my second reading of our reporter-ette's article, I found a couple of lines worthy 0f a mini-fisking:

Except for a possible stray bullet in the chamber, I shouldn’t have been worried.

I'm actually willing to give her a pass on this one. Anyone bought up as a GFW would not know the First Absolute of firearms: treat every gun as if it's loaded. Which, at Casa de Heywood, they are, 'cause given the choice between a framing hammer and an unloaded side arm, I don't have to worry about how to quickly load a framing hammer and I can get right to work. But I digress.....
In America, it’s legal to buy guns.
Which is really her whole problem with the issue. Thank you, Josie, for being so forthright with your objections. Wanker.
Even this one, a semiautomatic rifle developed for Soviets tank crews to kill from a mile away.

Now, please. I have fired an AK-47 (a real one, as in full auto, not like the knock-off you purchased) and own and operate a SKS (which shoots the same bullet chambers the same cartridge as your AK) and I wouldn't even shoulder either rifle for a shot over 300 yards. The "real" full-auto version is the classic "spray and pray" weapon; the knock offs are comparable in accuracy without the fully automatic satisfaction. Mykail "Hero of the Soviet Union" Kalishinkov would be flattered if anyone ever succesfully targeted anything smaller than a barn that was more than 800 yards down-range. Which, by the old math, isn't even half a mile. Besides, the brightest and the best are celerating their 1000 yard kills, which still ain't a mile and the good guys are shooting custom made .50 cal. sniper rifles, not some mass produced POS.

Joe Dominick, Allegheny County’s chief deputy coroner, said shots from an AK-47 inflict trauma all over the body. The bullet can blow through several body parts, cutting through a hand to the torso through the other hand.

As will the .30-06, or any of the other "hunting" rifles. What's your point? If I push FMJ rounds through my .357, it will have the same result, but of course, I'm big on fragmentation and expansion, so I'm not very likely to be tossing FMJ rounds about. Can you say "HydroShock"?
And rarely is an AK-47 fired just once.

Again, as a GFW, she's not likely to have heard the old nursury rhyme:

Twice in the chest, give it your best
Once in the head, make sure it's dead

BTW, two things: first, someone with more free time than I should photoshop the picture in her article and make a pro-2nd amendment poster; and second, she should have saved a couple hundred bucks and bought a SKS instead. Yes, Josie, you can get 30 round mags for the SKS as well. And a bayonet. And a folding stock. (Just don't ask me how I know these things.....)


At 11 April, 2005 15:20, Blogger Raging_Dave said...

300 yards with an AK or SKS? I wouldn't trust that round to be accurate for more than 200 yards if they're fired from a standard weapon.


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