03 May 2005

Slow news week

which is good, 'cause we've been busy

On one hand, it's pretty sad that the biggest story of the past six days is the run-away bride from Georgia. On the other hand, I (and my Brother-in-Blog) haven't had the time to properly blog anything anyway.

And what's up with all the A/V MSM knuckleheads going on and on and on ad nauseaum about how ".....we're not prepared for a nucular attack....."? I mean, I know the Norks are getting sporky with their missile tests and all, but please. And Iran. Jeebeezus. Iran. Set up your TIVO now for the pay-per-view event of the new millennium: American made, Israeli driven aircraft are going to end Iran's nucular aspirations soon (I'm hoping for Memorial Day week-end; wouldn't that be sweet?). It would just be icing on the cake if Iran's breeder-processor met it's end via a tactical nucular weapon, but I digress.....

Seriously, go read the Cold Fury post. I'll wait.

So GWB goes on MSM-TV the other night pimping the much needed Social Security fix-up. Righteous, brother.

I get in the mighty SportsWagon the next morning to go to work (you know, work, it's where those evil konservatives go 50+ hours a week to earn a living and to pay repressive taxes to support those who "can't find their way" without my tax dollars; you know, work) and am treated to three UAW-sponsored ads against SS reform in my 40 minute drive. I hate to paint with a broad brush, but anything the UAW is vehemently against, I'm all for.

The "Late" bell just rang, and I must go to sleep now. To be continued.....


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