11 May 2005

Wednesday Night Check-In

it's not just us.....

Our sincere apologies for the lack of posting recently. The demands of being responsible adults have kept my Brother-in-Blog and I up to our collective arses in alligators whilst trying to drain the swamp. Add to that a most serious failure of the home 'puter (him) and getting ready to move (me) we've both been too busy to tend to SSP properly. This too, shall pass

In what little blog surfing I've done over the past week, I've noticed that other bloggers (at least the ones that I read) have been cutting back. The news has been relatively slow for us political junkies of late, and one can only point out that kerry / kennedy / reid / pelosi / boxer et al are still total asshats so many times before you get tired of typing.

One of my favorite blogs, Steven Green's VodkaPundit, gave me a scare this week. In his post "Moral Exhaustion" started down a path that we've all seen before with the likes of Steve den Beste and Rachel Lucas: some paraphrase of Eric Cartman's "Screw you guys, I'm going home". It is a good rant, and Green is spot on. Then it takes an unforeseen turn at the end and you realize that all is good with the world.

To Steve and Melissa: Congratulations.

Read the comments, too. One commenter, Jim from Fort Collins, hit the nail squarely on the head and provided me with my new mantra: "Conservative by inclination, Republican by default". Righteous, brother.


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