22 October 2005

Dammit, Jim!

I'm a blogger, not a HTML techinician
It appears that the SSP blog main page is a bit funked out at the moment and it's all my fault. This happens every time I paste the HTML code from some stooopid web-quiz. Damn proportional fonts and all that noise. I'll fix it later, I'm currently typing by braille on what appears to be a 200+ key keyboard, if you know what I mean.
A (small) follow-up on Thursday night's entry: I was making polite conversation with a member of my personal Leftist Sounding Board and happened upon the current SCOTUS nomination. This launched a twenty minute diatribe on the worthlessness of the "Supremes" after their "fiasco" of "selecting" that "futher mucker GWB" in the 2000 Presidential election.
I'm still researching the truth on the SCOTUS / 2000 election ruling (read as "I haven't yet started my research") so I'm not going to go off on a rant about the whole thingy.
More as this develops inside my head.


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